Barna Bee is a family tradition of bee keeping that started in Europe nearly a century ago.'Today, we continue our unique traditions and methods on Long Island New York.Due to the Atlanlic Ocean trade winds and short seasons we can provide you with the 100% purest and raw wildflower artisan honey in the world.

All of our products are Raw, Unheated, Unprocessed.

Unfiltered with No Additives

Why Raw and Local?

Raw honey is honey fresh from the comb. It's not pasteurized and therefore is still full of healthy enzymes. It is said that store-bought pasteurized honey is no better than white sugar. The heat from pasteurization kills the beneficial enzymes rendering them useless to the body.

The Barna Bee Promise

The Barna Family strives to produce Long Island's greatest honey, incorporating both New World advances and a century old family tradition that came from Europe. Our Barna Bee hives are strategically located throughout Long Island, New York where our Barna Bee's roam freely from flower to flower.

The Atlantic Ocean trade winds and our short seasons allow for the natural creation of a rare and special artisan honey of the purest and 100% raw wildflower honey. Using sustainable beekeeping practices, hand harvesting, hard work, dedication and a natural honey making philosophy, Barna Bee Honey relects a pure expression of the unique climate and flowers of Long Island, New York.

We produce and create all our products and take pride in GUARANTEEING that all our honey products are RAW, UNHEATED, UNPROCESSED, UNFILTERED and contain NO ADDITIVES.

That's our Barna Bee Promise!

Some Health Benefits of our Honey

Wound treatment:

Because of its antibacterial properties honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds and help prevent infection.

Soothing a Sore Throat:

Honey is an excellent natural alternative to cough medicine as it can reduce cough and sooth that sore throat.

Preventing Allergies:

Taking a few teaspoons of local, raw honey per day before and during allergy season can prevent your allergy symptoms. This works on the basis of “like cures like" and the reason that your honey should be local. Local honey has a higher likelihood to contain triggers for your allergy symptoms.


If you get sunburn, you can apply a thin layer of honey to help the skin heal.


Applied as a spot treatment at night, honey will improve your skin's appearance in little time.

Fight Indigestion:

Take a teaspoon or two to help fight indigestion.

Mineral Benefits:

Raw honey contains several minerals that the body needs including Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron.


Honey naturally contains vitamins B2, B, B5, B6 and vitamin C.

Other Benefits:

Energy Boost, Excellent source of Antioxidants, Supports Good Bacteria, Antibacterial, Anti-fungal Properties, Helps relieve constipation and Slows Aging.